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Testosterone itself is not effective in oral administration, the great part of this compound is metabolized and deactivated first-pass effect, so that the maximum of 5-10% of active compound enters the blood and becomes active.

Methyltestosterone is a 17 alpha-alkylated steroid, ie. the molecule thereof (the seventeenth atoms in the alpha position) add a methyl group. This adjustment ensures that Methyltestosterone is not degraded and deactivated by the liver than testosterone alone by oral use.

As with methandienone recorded when taking Methyltestosterone water retention but to a much greater extent, because its structure has twice the slope flavored. With this amount of estrogenic effects of gynecomastia can be a very real threat and concomitant use of antiestrogens is strongly recommended.

As with all 17-alpha alkylated steroids need to mention the risk of liver toxicity. Long-term use Methyltestosterone can cause significant liver damage, should not exceed a period of six, maximum eight weeks, and should then at least as long pause.

Dosage and Cycles:

While taking Methyltestosterone there is generally a strong and rapid increase in strength, increased body weight is not particularly significant and is mainly due to water retention. Than the recommended daily dose indicated 30-50mg for men, women should completely avoid this preparation. When used alone Methyltestosterone is recommended 50 mg daily dose in one morning, no more than eight weeks.

Methyltestosterone may be used (as methandienone) to "nakopnutie" and obtain the previous results in a longer cycle of injection with testosterone, boldenone, nandrolone, etc. In this case, the recommended doses somewhat lower, about 30 mg, once again in the morning daily dose of 1, the first 5 - 6 weeks cycle.

A significant increase in strength and increased aggression are making this steroid very attractive for lifters and weight lifting for strength enhancement can be combined with trenbolone or testosterone propionate at 6-8-week cycle. Because it brings the most benefit in volume cycles fragrancing steroids, incidence of adverse events can be very representative.

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