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Fluoxymesterone is a medication that is recommended to increase the testosterone in males. Men who have insufficient testosterone in their bodies can suffer from several problems including growth and development of their reproductive organs, normal sexual development and male characteristics. This is a drug that is called an androgen, and it has bearing on several parts of the body so it functions normally.

When this medication is used, it enhances the male characteristics of the body. It speedens up puberty in boys who do not show suitable adolescent or adult characteristics at the right age. There are side-effects to this drug. They include nausea, vomitting, hair loss, oily skin and acne problems, increased or decreased interest in sexual matters and in some cases skin color changes. While the side-effects are normal to a certain extent, medical attention is warranted if the side-effects cross a particular limit.

This medication is not recommended if you are suffering from certain medical conditions. If you have any heart issues or family history of cardiac trouble, make sure you mention about this to your doctor. You should also discuss any medication that you are on and any continuing medical condition if you are to begin treatment with this drug.

Surgery – The last straw

Apart from these medical interventions, penis pumps attached with a tension ring also find their use in treating this symptom. Surgical interventions come in the form of operations to rectify the flow of blood to the penis by repairing the damaged arteries. Penile Implants, which are rods placed on both sides of the penis have also demonstrated positive results in treating cases of loss of libido. Speaking to your treating doctor will definitely give you an idea of the best possible treatment for your concern to enhance the male characteristic feature of your body.

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