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T3, T4 and similar steroids

There are different types of steroids available in the market today. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly heard of. These steroids mimic the operation of several natural hormones and substances that are generated in the human body. By doing so, the user's natural body functions can be regulated and changed or tailored to perform specific actions.

Let us look at the popular T3 and T4 steroids and how they are useful

T3 and T4 are thyroid hormones. Their properties are discussed here

Both these thyroid hormones control the metabolism at a cellular level.
This increases the strength of operation of the thyroid levels in the body. The thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism at a basic level, and this is varied by the use of these hormones.

T3 is more active. When T4 is used, the body converts it to T3. Hence T4 is considered a prohormone.

Things to remember when using steroids

Although steroids are very effective in generating the effect it is required to produce, there are some things to be taken care of to ensure they aren't abused. These are as follows.

Before starting a medication, it is necessary to first check with ether you have any medical conditions that will affect its use. Some steroids are not suggested if you suffer from diabetes, cholesterol or other conditions, so make sure you check this factor out before you start using any of these steroids.

Stick to the recommended dosage, as over dosages can result in problems.
Pay attention to how long it is safe to continue on the same medication. Discontinue use, should any adverse side-effects occur, or if you have used it for the maximum recommended time.

Hair loss, oily skin, ace and prostate enlargement are the unwanted side-effects that have to be looked out for.

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