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Testosterone Mix – the male hormone enhancer

Testosterone is basically a male sex hormone which is produced by male testicles. It has various effects on a man. It is produced mainly at the onset of puberty and adolescence and its production increases till the age of 30. After this, it production decreases with age. It is helpful to increase muscle mass, sex drive, sperm production and bone density in men. With time generally men find decrease in all these and it is mainly because of decreased level of testosterone.

What is the Usage?

It is used mainly used in men who are unable to produce testosterone naturally. In such cases, it is given externally to help one. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy. It is used in case of hypogonadism. Such men have low sex drive and experience impotence.  

It is also very helpful in cases of minor depression as it elevates mood and helps one come out of depression.

This hormone is also produced in women but in lower quantities but if in some it is insufficient, it may interfere with normal sex life. Then it is given externally.
It is also given in case of trauma and injury.

The specific properties of testosterone are as follows.

It is also related to the sex drive, bone mass, muscle size and strength and red blood cell production in the body.
Steroid products are those that mimic natural actions of chemical substances that are naturally present in the body. When additional steroids are employed, the effect of the naturally available hormones/receptors etc in the body is enhanced and this allows the user to obtain results faster and easier.

What is the Dosage?

Generally testosterone is administered in the form of injections. It is injected in the muscle. The dose varies according to the age and sex. General dose varies from 40 mg to 400 mg twice in a week.

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